N E W S  

30.11.14. ARL-KSS-P465's 2D plans and 3D models are ready and delivered to client; construction planed to start in spring 2015 in Vancouver Island. link.

19.12.13. KSS-Danube14 a riverboat designed together with Kelsall Catamarans was launched on the Danube!!... link.

22.12.12. A first WebGL world featuring ARL41 Cruiser is published and it can be seen at this link. More WebGL worlds to come...

T H E  C O M P A N Y

ArleeDesign was established in Katikati, New Zealand in 2012. The company strives to build a reputation for applying innovative methods and high quality engineering solutions for small craft industry and beyond. The company's boat design operation has got the capability of producing a wide range of craft.

We already have over 15 years experience of mechanical engineering design and over 10 years experience in boat design combined with architectural design competence.

Our flagship products are houseboats and floating structures near or onto the water. The houseboat designs we create focus on the possibilities of water not only as viabile living or working space but also as an exploring and adventure opportunity. Houseboats as a way of life!

The company provides as well a wide array of services for the marine industry, including those related to mechanical engineering and naval architecture, 2D drafting 3D modelling and programming.

We continually look for new, creative ways to apply our competence in all dimensions of our design work.


A simple HouseBoat Gipsy Wagon style. ARL-KSS-Danube14 a river catamaran. 45' Power Catamaran Custom Design

Floating Restaurant <blockquote>Sepia</blockquote>

A study in floating offices A simple HouseBoat Gipsy Wagon style.